The mission of the Credential in Quantitative Financial Economics (QFE) is to train students as financial economists, providing all the quantitative tools necessary to bring theory into practice.  The Credential is graciously sponsored by, and developed in conjunction with, the NASDAQ Educational Foundation.

Upcoming/Recent Events

  • QuantCon
    • 04/28/18 – All Day
    • QFE is proudly sponsoring a select group of student attendees
  • The Commodities Markets
    • Aakash Patel – US Distillate Analyst @ BP
    • Date | Time | Location TBD
  • An overview of the endowment space
    • Kevin McGowan – Private Investment Analyst @ UNCMC
    • 03/22/18 | Time & Location TBD
  • Working session on “Systematic Strategies with Discretionary Overlays”
    • Tripp Zimmerman – Associate Director of Research @ Wisdom Tree
    • 03/19/18 | Gardner 106
    • Access restricted to members of QFE / THA
  • Alternative Investments Conference
    • 03/08/18 @ Carolina Inn
    • QFE is proudly sponsoring a select group of student attendees
  • Training for Reuters Eikon Terminal
    • Canceled
  • Private Debt Financing
    • Citizens Capital Markets
    • 03/06/18 | 6:30pm | Gardner Hall Rm 105
  • Lunch with Mel Williams – Co-Found and General Partner of TrueBridge Capital
    • Co-sponsored by QFE and CFE
    • 02/14/18 @12pm
    • The event is now closed
  • Bootcamp: Financial Modeling
    • 12/02/17 | 9am-3pm | Gardner Hall Rm TBD
    • Hosted by Divya Shah, Investment Banking Analyst @ BAML
    • The Bootcamp is very practical and “hands on”. It will teach the mechanics of building a full three statement model for the public company in order to create a comprehensive valuation estimate. This estimate is then used to build and support a full investment thesis with financial projections. It is recommended to have prior working knowledge of corporate finance and accounting; however, the basics will be briefly covered.
    • Space is limited
    • To register, send your resume, relevant courses, and short paragraph outlining your career goals to qfe.unc.edu@gmail.com by 11/27/17 @5pm.  All applicants will be informed of their registration status shortly thereafter.
  • VC Roadshow
    • 12/04/17 @6pm | Location TBD
    • Teams of students in Econ 425 pitch their investment funds to investment professionals.


  • Detailed description of QFE Credential requirements
  • Econ 425 – Financial Economics (Fall; 3 credits)
  • Econ 493 – Practicum in Quantitative Financial Economics (Spring; 1 credit)
  • Econ 525 – Advanced Financial Economics (Spring; 3 credits)
  • QFE Bootcamp #1 – Global Macro Strategy, Financial Data, and Trading (Early Fall)
  • QFE Bootcamp #2 – Excel for Financial Economists (Early Fall)
  • QFE Bootcamp #3 – Matlab for Financial Economists (Late Fall)

Professional Research Partners

(In the final semester of the Credential, students conduct original empirical research in the field of financial economics.  Students are matched with one of our Professional Research Partners (PRP), who help frame the research question and provide guidance throughout the project.  PRP’s also have the opportunity to serve as guest speakers, club advisors, and engage with our students in myriad ways. )

  • Nancy Andrews – CEO @ Launchpad Trading
  • Gonzalo Asis – UNC-CH (formerly @BAML Global Research and Tiger Asset Management)
  • Aditya Badve – CEO @ Nanovest
  • Darpan Biswass – Vice President @ Morgan Creek Capital
  • Elliott Brennan – Associate @ Citizens Capital Markets
  • Jay Bryson – Global Economist @ Wells Fargo
  • Claude Courbois – Managing Economist @ NASDAQ
  • Bert Davis – President @ 95 Impact Capital
  • John Dalena – Former Chief Strategy Officer @ Hatteras Financial
  • Ryan Delgado – Data Production Engineer @ Citadel
  • Justin Ferguson – Sales & Marketing @ Crabel Capital Management
  • Sam Grote – Senior Analyst @ Old Well Partners
  • Peter Harbilas – Senior Associate @ CornerStone Partners
  • Ben Horlick – Analyst @ Fidus
  • Hailey Jacob – Investment Banking Analyst @ Barclays
  • Robert Kiesel – Managing Director @ Eli Global
  • Pete Knerr – Senior Associate @ CornerStone Partners
  • Paul Kushner – Analyst @ Bregal Partners
  • Lawrence Laughlin – Chief Investment Officer @ Drobny
  • Yundong (Allen) Liu, M.S. in Computational Finance (MSCF) Student @ Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Liam McIntyre – Investment Associate @ Drobny
  • Kevin McGowan – Private Investment Analyst @ UNC Management Company
  • Alex Moehring – Research Assistant @ Microsoft Research
  • Jason Oury – Director of Global Markets Intelligence @ Ipreo
  • Aakash Patel – US Distillate Analyst @ BP
  • Kyle Peterson – Research Analyst @ WisdomTree
  • Andrew Schultz – Analyst @ Ipreo
  • Divya Shah – Investment Banking Analyst @ BAML
  • Josh Shapiro – VP & Managing Director @ UNC Management Company
  • Shane Sutera – Analyst @ Fortress Group
  • Andrew Tyler – Private Equity Investor @ RidgeCrest
  • Sangeeta Upadhyay – Group Manager @ Evalueserve
  • Mel Williams – General Partner @ TrueBridge Capital Partners
  • Tripp Zimmerman – Associate Director of Research @ WisdomTree

Application Process

  • Econ 425 is open enrollment.
  • Bootcamps #1 & #2 are open to anyone who is taking, or has taken Econ 423 or Econ 425.
  • All other Bootcamps are restricted to students who are in the QFE program.
  • Entry into Econ 493/525 is controlled by an application process.
  • The Spring 2018 cohort has been selected. Applications for Spring 2019 will be posted in mid-fall of 2018.

What are students saying?

The QFE Program was one of the best intellectual experiences I had at Carolina. The depth, rigor, and reward of the program are on par with the Honors Thesis Program. This program challenged me in unique ways not replicated elsewhere in the Economics Department curriculum and equips all its graduates with vital skills necessary to succeed in quantitative finance not available elsewhere at UNC. – Paul Kushner QFE `17

The QFE Credential was the most impactful academic experience I took part in over the course of my career. The content is difficult and demanding, but exciting and rewarding unlike any other courses I have ever taken. I highly recommend the QFE Credential program to any student looking to advance their understanding of capital markets and desires a more hands-on, applicable experience. – Andrew Schultz QFE `17

The impact that the QFE program has had on my studies is second to none. After completing undergrad, I made the decision to pursue a Master’s degree in accounting. While different in several capacities, the critical thinking skills that you develop and fine tune during the QFE program will most definitely help to solve complex problems in whatever academic or professional setting one may settle in to. – Ben Myers QFE `17

The QFE was, by a significant margin, the most valuable curriculum I had the opportunity to pursue while enrolled at UNC. It does an exceptional job at preparing you to solve exceedingly challenging problems, particularly ones that you are likely to face early on in a career. Without a doubt, I can attribute a good deal of the success I’ve had at my internships to the skills I learned (in the QFE). – Nick McHenry QFE `17

No other program that I have seen creates a more elite opportunity for it’s students, and no other program receives the level of effort and passion from it’s leaders or students than does the QFE. The QFE program goes beyond academics and provides it’s students with a much needed focus on invaluable practical experiences and project-based work. – Divya Shah (QFE`17)

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For all inquiries, please contact Prof. Mike Aguilar (Director of QFE Credential) maguilar@email.unc.edu